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Sunley Technology Corporation


Proof of Concept , Design and Consultancy

- From consultation to the design stage we at STC offered our service with excellent commitment and up to date products and solutions that we offer to our clients with all our expertise and technical skills to achieve what customer needs and to make their project implementation start on time, feasible and cost effective solution. - Proof of Concept, complete and precise solution with supporting documents including test procedures, on-site demo visit and evaluation period to satisfy our clients, that is what we are providing the right kind of solutions suitable for clients requirement needs on their project .

Installation and Commisioning

-  Installation and commissioning of supplied equipment, we ourselves are highly capable and technically competent to help and provide workforce on how to commission our supplied equipment to ease the burden and maximized the time of field engineers during the course of installation period especially if the equipment is newly acquired. - We provide technical and up to date training for the field engineers and other related personnel involved to make them more technically adept with the device that we provided. With the use of actual equipment device combined with user guides, customized manuals specific for the project and other tools that will help them to get to know more and be familiarized with the device and how the system works.

Cabling and other related Services

- From network cabling and other customization cable requirement specific for our supplied product or   as per request by client we rendered services also to meet the client’s need.

Maintenance Service and Repair

- All supplied equipment are carefully checked and tested before we send it to customer to ensure that every device is working properly to avoid delays especially during client’s roll out and implementation. And we are proud to say that most of supplied equipment for our various client have minimal return for repair. Maintenance are done either providing them the firmware and proper guide of doing the upgrade process via phone call support or if it can’t be done then we ourselves do an onsite visit, to check make an assessment and give them a summary report after the process has been done.
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